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Post-Sentencing Issues

Sealing of Criminal Records and Expungements - We Can Help Clear Your Name

If you have a criminal record in California and it is affecting your life, or if you are concerned that your criminal record may affect you at some time, you may be able to get it “expunged” from your record.

Expungement clears your record of a conviction so that it does not affect your present ability to find a job, get credit, obtain a license for a particular occupation, or join the military. Please note: Not every criminal record can be expunged.

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense in the state of California, you have a criminal record. Los Angeles Criminal defense lawyer, Robert J. Hale represents persons who want to clear their records, and can petition for expunging a criminal conviction from your record. He can handle expunging criminal convictions anywhere in the state.

If you were arrested for a crime and acquitted and charges were dismissed or not filed, Robert Hale can help you have records of the arrest sealed and destroyed.

Robert Hale Can Help Avoid the Serious Consequences of Probation Violation and Parole Violations

With more than 15 years experience in the criminal justice system, Robert J. Hale can negotiate with prosecutors and judges and help you propose your case in the best way to avoid the serious consequences of a probation or parole violation.

Probation and parole violations are particularly serious because a conviction has already occurred and the only issue is failure to complete the conditions of probation. Probation violations are decided by the same judge who set the conditions of probation, and sentencing can be severe.

You deserve a second chance. If you live in California and need help with expungements, probation or parole violations, or sealing of records, call the Law Offices of Robert J. Hale at 213-736-6250.


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