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Assault and Domestic Violence

Have you or someone you love been arrested for assault and battery? Has a spouse, lover, or co-habitant accused you of domestic violence or spousal abuse? Today’s political and psychological climate clearly works against those accused with a crime of violence.  In the minds of the police, prosecutors and the public you are all but "guilty until proven innocent."

Los Angeles Lawyer Robert J. Hale Protects Your Rights

If you or someone you love has been charged in Southern California with assault, domestic violence or spousal abuse, Robert J. Hale can help you. He will make sure your legal rights are protected and fight for you in court.

Domestic Violence/Spousal Assault Has Serious Consequences

Domestic violence laws apply equally to heterosexual and to gay or lesbian same-sex relationships. It is a crime of violence, and as a rule police arrest the accused for felony domestic assault, prohibiting a suspect’s release on their own recognizance, regardless of whether the prosecutor ultimately files the charges as a felony or misdemeanor.

The District Attorney and City Attorney aggressively prosecute all reported incidents of violence in the home, even when the alleged victim refuses to press charges or denies their initial accusations. Prosecutors will not drop or reduce domestic violence charges even when the alleged victim requests them to do so or refuses to testify in court. Prosecutors even threaten to prosecute a victim who changes his or her story, although they rarely, if ever, actually do so.

The penalties for domestic violence have become increasingly severe, including probation, anger management, batterer’s treatment counseling programs and jail or prison. Even if you are released on bail you may be ordered not to return to your home and to stay away from your partner and/or your family, even though you are responsible for paying the bills! A conviction for assault or domestic violence can affect on your rights to see your children, affect your property rights, and seriously affect your immigration status or result in deportation.

Call the Law Offices of Robert J. Hale today for a Free Consultation!

Don’t be victimized by an assault or a domestic abuse charge. If you or someone you know has been arrested for assault or domestic violence, you need advice from an experienced California criminal defense attorney. Los Angeles attorney Robert J. Hale is a skilled Assault and Domestic Violence Lawyer and a California State Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law with a 93% Success Rate in felony criminal jury trials.

As a Criminal Law Specialist and Assault and Domestic Violence Attorney, Robert Hale has the experience that counts—in court! Call the Law Offices of Robert J. Hale today at 213-736-6250 to discuss your case and get the best defense against charges of assault and domestic violence.


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