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"We are very pleased with Robert's dedication and expertise. He has not only been an amazing lawyer who successfully handled our cases but has also demonstrated genuine interest to help us out. His commitment, generosity, honesty, and moral support make Robert Hale an excellent choice for any criminal legal matter." P.F. & R.S.

"Dear Mr. Hale:

The many hours of persistence, patience, stress and anxiety, your many words of wisdom, good advice and encouragement, several months of continuous preparations and tons of paper work are appreciated more than you can imagine.

You have made several trips to the D.A.'s office to negotiate my case, arranged with necessary counselors to prepare the paperwork for me, and you were more than prepared on the court date. I have enjoyed watching you in court-how intelligent, how sharp you were, and how you fight back with immediate responses in a split of a second. You made me smile in court, instead of being worried. I thank God that he has managed me to meet you, after I personally interviewed with three other outstanding lawyers before I met you. You do not work for the money, but you work from your heart. Most importantly, you have never ignored my E-mails, questions, or concerns-even on vacation!

As I have mentioned several times before, the world will be a beautiful place to live if there are more people like you."

Hi Mr. Hale,

My mom and I thought it would be effective to submit one testimonial to you since working with you was also a shared experience for us. :)

Big hug from the both of us!

Warmly, E.

Robert J. Hale is An Outstanding Criminal Defense Attorney!

"Having lived in different countries and met various sorts of people throughout my life, I knew from my first meeting with Robert Hale that he was a cut above the rest.

My worst nightmare as a parent came true on the night of my daughter, Erin's, arrest. Erin was terrified, outraged and devastated. Her father and I were equally distressed. We knew by the gravity of her circumstance that she needed an outstanding criminal defense attorney.

Before meeting Mr. Hale, Erin and I had already consulted three different attorneys, including one rising star from an internationally recognized firm. Our bar was set high, and none of them reached it. This was not so with Mr. Hale.

While I would - over the course of two years - come to see how several admirable qualities distinguished Mr. Hale from the majority of his peers, what Erin and I first noticed during our initial consultation was that he personalized my daughter's circumstance, treating her as an individual rather than a factor of her case. He spent two hours carefully listening to our story and taking diligent notes without even knowing whether we would retain him as our attorney. He was kind enough to refer Erin to a therapist who would help her cope with the emotional trauma of her experience. He was not only well-qualified and intelligent, but he was also compassionate; he cared. At the end of our meeting, Mr. Hale told us that he would fight for justice, and by then, we wholeheartedly believed him.

Mr. Hale is astute, skillful, and dedicated. He is a stellar trial attorney who brings to court a strong defense and an appetite for winning. He holds a respected reputation amongst judges and colleagues. Retain Robert Hale. This is the best advice I can give to anyone seeking a first-class criminal defense attorney.

In my home country, the title for an attorney may be translated as "stand in front" because an attorney stands before his client, protecting and advocating for her. Mr. Hale was that "stand in front" for my Erin." N.W.

I had a few consultations with other attorneys and I'm so glad I chose Mr. Hale to represent me. He got me the result I wanted and made the process go smoothly. His staff is pleasant to work with as well. R.W.


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